Gennady Papizh (Berlin)

Gennady Papizh is a one of a kind musician, sound-simulator and actor. His unique voice has a huge range of 4 octaves, masterly owning the finest shades of sound. 

By connecting to the elusive vibrations and entering the altered state of consciousness, he reproduces amazing magical streams - voices of living nature, hymns, prayers and mantras.

Sometimes it seems that the spirits of ancient ancestors want to reach out to us and warn people about impending cataclysms, the perpetrators of which are the people themselves. It is as if these messages call people to come to their senses and stretch out their hands to each other to unite for the sake of saving our mother earth and all life.

Gennady was noticed by the world during his participation in Ukraine's Got Talent TV Show. This phenomenon stirred up the minds and hearts in many countries. Each individual has their own response, vision and experience to his unforgettable sound. 

Gennady will be performing at Dawn Awakening and the All Stars Club on Sunday 3 September.

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