The Art of Storytelling: Nambour

Saturday 3 September
From 4pm
Howard Street, Nambour

The Art of Storytelling: NambourSaturday 3 September

This Art of Story Telling event will be held in the Pod Lounge in Howard St, Nambour.


Time Description
4pm Local music performance by Andrea Kirwin
4.15pm Welcome to Country
4.25pm MC introduction of Art of Storytelling, Story Slam instructions and call for names into a hat. Intro of Photo Booth Blackboard Documentary and free Vevato Kustom Weaving Workshop
4.30pm Performance by Andrea Kirwin
5pm Stories and song with professional story tellers and artistic installation, writer Christopher Allery and singer/songwriter Sue Ray
5.30pm Community stories: presentation of montages and films of stories from existing Sunshine Coast Communities. Cross-disciplinary medium and both live and filmed aspects: Nambour Community Centre

Performance by Andrea Kirwin

6pm Story Grand Slam Heat No. 2 - Master Slammer Robin (Artchie) Archbold - 6 names are pulled from a hat, each story teller gets 3 minutes to wow the audience/judges of their story that relates to the Horizon Festival theme: Colour, light, horizon
Story tellers will be judged on staying within time-frame, staying true to the theme of Horizon and audience response.
6.30pm Performance by Andrea Kirwin
8.30pm Alice Dorothy and Wendy at Nambour Blackbox Theatre - 8:30pm start - 9:40pm finish. Ticketed event - see program listing
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