Bach Odyssey Concert

Sunday 4 September
From 3pm to 5pm
Montville Village Hall

Bach Odyssey ConcertSunday 4 September

Across the globe, audiences flock to experience the intimacy and meditative power of Bach’s music. Artists paint to his music, dancers move, poets write, and now you can experience what it is about his music that endures and captures the imagination.  This concert celebrates the beauty, the joy and the pure genius of J.S. Bach’s music for cello as a solo voice and with sparkling harpsichord. Specialising in performing baroque repertoire with Historical Informed Performance Practice at a world-class level, experience an intimate concert including anecdotes about Bach's life his legacy and why his music endures. 

A spellbinding journey into the music and life of one of classical music’s greatest composers, J.S.Bach with world class musicians Louise King on cello and Huguette Brassine on harpsichord.

Experience why in this thrilling performance showcasing Louise King’s signature style of elegance, virtuosity and passion.

'exudes a vigorous artistry' - The Australian 

Limited tickets at intimate small venues.  Book today to reserve your seat.


  • Suite 1 in G major solo cello

  • Suite 3 in C major solo cello

  • Viola da gamba Sonata in D major cello and harpsichord

  • Arioso cello & harpsichord

  • Air, Gavotte and Bourrée from D major orchestral suite cello & harpsichord

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