Cello Dreaming HORIZONS

Saturday 10 September
From 7pm to 9pm
USC Gallery, Sippy Downs

Cello Dreaming HORIZONSSaturday 10 September

Exudes a vigorous artistry that surely appeals to a younger generation of music lovers… The Australian.

Expand your musical horizons as Louise King – an exciting example of a modern 21st century musician - takes you on a virtuosic collection of art music written in the last two decades for solo cello inspired by landscape, horizon, place and light showcasing her signature style of virtuosity, expression and vivid story-telling.

Inspired by natural landscape, sense of place, stories of migration, identity and global horizons, this performance promises beauty and lyricism.

Hear the evocative sound of didgeridu bowing, musical birdcalls on the horizon and natural landscape.  Acoustically brilliant, visually stunning, enticingly modern, expertly curated, the CELLO DREAMING collection offers a thrilling glimpse into modern music.

Louise King
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