Dangerous Song: WORKSHOP

Sunday 11 September
11am to 12pm
Blackbox Theatre, The Old Ambo Station, Nambour

Dangerous Song: WORKSHOPSunday 11 September

This free workshop will explore the technology used to create the “Dangerous Song” performance. It will look at the tools that Linsey uses to create the music (an iPad and the iOS app Thumbjam to sample and loop the animal sounds and a midi wind controller to play those sounds)  as well as the audio processing of the VoiceLive Touch 2 used by Lizzie on her voice. Bonnie will also deconstruct how she created the projected videos.

“Dangerous Song” is a performance piece that combines the human voice with the sounds of endangered and extinct animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance. This musical collaboration between Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O'Keefe is an exciting one, and although only begun in January 2015 it has developed very rapidly with a very strong musical rapport which has created a new musical language with structured, yet very free improvisation at it’s core.

This musical journey takes us to a world of sound where the human and the animal combine. A sort of sonic morphing. Check website for full details.

Free workshop, limited numbers, booking required.

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