Eat our Art!

Visit the cafes as they celebrate Art St Maleny using food as a medium for creativity.

EAT our ART lets our local food hubs do what they do best – create delicious food by using food as a paintbrush and the plate is the canvas. Eat your way around town to savour their signature arty dishes.

We want to challenge the common perception of ‘art’ as being something to be looked at on a wall. Art should involve all of our senses and nothing gets our brains more excited than something we can smell and taste!

Each food venue is encouraged to put their creative aprons on and produce an edible item be it sweet, savoury or slurpable to be served throughout the weekend.

With Art St Maleny and Maleny Music Festival being celebrated together this year – what better way to showcase Maleny’s finest – art, music and food! Come take a walk around town and EAT OUR ART!

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