Forest Art Trail

Designed to educate children about native wildlife, follow the map along a wonderful forest walk to discover 15 art features created from nature’s gifts, recycled materials and other creative recourses. 

This interactive art trail is created by Forest Art Collective artists and friends. Participants will be guided to explore wonderful forest walk nearby Obi-Obi Creek. The 15 art features will have collaborative stations that showcase artworks, which can be continued by those who wish to add and take part in co-creating.

The Forest Art Trail will be located along the sides of the Maleny Obi Boardwalk across all three days of Art St Maleny. Surrounded by the magical Rainforest flora and fauna and inspiring art, follow the trail to the Maleny Music Festival at the Maleny Showgrounds.

Four different workshops leading to the Art St Maleny Events will be open for the community to join the Forest Art Collective Artists in creative self-expression.

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