Journaling For Adults - Slowing Down in a Fast World

Whipbird Creative host this fun workshop as part of Art St Maleny, giving participants the opportunity to learn journal-writing techniques through effective creative writing and sketching techniques. The workshop aims to help you relax as you explore your inner-self.

These classes create a fun and relaxed environment for you to slow down and allow your imagination to flourish, giving you the opportunity to explore your inner thoughts, hopes and dreams on paper.

Note: These workshops are 18+

Angela uses story starters and a range of creative writing strategies in her Journaling for Adults Workshops to develop a fun and creative environment that allows individuals to learn the skills of journal writing.

Her classes allow curiosity, imagination and relaxation to flourish and are an opportunity for students to examine the characters in their lives and journal for their own tranquil reflection. The creative thinking skills and positive learning experiences offered by her classes will strengthen confidence and understanding of one’s self.

Program details


Saturday 26 August | 10:30am - 11:30am | Maleny Neighbourhood Centre | General Admission $35

Saturday 2 September | 10:30am - 11:30am | Maleny Neighbourhood Centre | General Admission $35

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