Karrimarnbun Weaving 3-day Weekend Workshops

A weekend of basketmaking using a selection of local fibres as well as raffia fibre dyed with natural dyes straight out of the bush in Arnhem Land. All materials will be provided.

The ancient practice weaving holds a practical wisdom that we can all use in our lives as a guide to living a more connected, integrated and creative life. 

In this practice, everyone is a beginner, and we all journey together towards a place of togetherness and deep grounding. It is encouraged to participate in the whole weekend’s workshops, for the deepest experience. For those that are not able to, however, attending single workshops is possible.

Rene Bahloo of Weavery will be facilitating basket weaving circles as part of Horizon Festival 2017. The workshops will incorporate the blending of indigenous traditions with Rene Bahloo’s contemporary twist. 

Remote dwelling Indigenous guests (master weavers) will be present as co-facilitators at most of these workshops/circles to add an unforgettable ingredient to this recipe of creativity, spirituality, culture, environment and love.

All workshops include opportunities for social connection, personal growth, cultural sharing, grounding, skill development, mindfulness and creative play.

Note: Tea and coffee will be provided.

Accommodation Options: There is accommodation available for one person onsite at extra cost POA. Airbnb listings are available in the nearby vicinity for those wishing to stay over, as well as camping and cabins in the nearby tourist park.

Program details

Three-day Weekend Workshops

August 25, 6pm - 9pm: Evening weave-up: string making, looping and bush bling making.

August 26, 10am - 3pm: Coil weave - learn a simple coiling technique while we sit in circle. 

August 27, 10am - 3pm: Twist weave dilly bag making. 

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