Karrimarnbun Weaving Workshop - Twisted Loop or Loopy Twist?

Rene Bahloo of Weavery will be facilitating basket weaving circles as part of Horizon Festival 2017. The workshops will incorporate the blending of Indigenous traditions with Rene Bahloo’s contemporary twist. 

Remote dwelling Indigenous guests (master weavers) will be present as co-facilitators at most of these workshops/circles to add an unforgettable ingredient to this recipe of creativity, spirituality, culture, environment and love.

All workshops include opportunities for social connection, personal growth, cultural sharing, grounding, skill development, mindfulness and creative play.

In this workshop, particpants will make a flexible dilly bag or pouch by twisting and looping in a singlestrand weaving method. Get to know your quirks and patterns through engaging in this absorbing technique. 

The workshop is being held at Tamarind Street, Maleny - full adress details will be provided on registration. 

General Admission tickets $69. Concession tickets $59. Accompanied children $33. 

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