Lakeside Club - Doll by Babushka

What did Ken and Barbie do when you weren't looking? Babushka present a crazed and cutesy cabaret all about our first childhood BFF, The Doll.

Ramping up their range of talents, the Babushka gals will nurse dolls, break dolls and become dolls in their typically surprising arrangements of everything from Queen and Guns ‘n’ Roses to Destiny’s Child and Offenbach.

Prepare to be seduced, comforted, tickled and burped through a dark musical comedy experience, drawing from opera, 80s pop, nursery rhymes and rock’n’roll. Babushka beckons you into the Barbie Dream house for a very grown-up play-date...

This production contains frequent coarse language and adult themes. Recommended for 15+ 

Note: Bar and cheese platters will be available for purchase. 

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