Lindsay Muir Exhibition

Ideas come and go. Some good ideas get set aside because they don’t suit the theme or idea for an exhibition. Many of these get recorded, some get forgotten and some are rediscovered.

This series of work is a collective of inspirations which have come to fruition in the form of ceramic pots and sculptures.

Many people will know of Lindsay Muirs’ work, stylized representations of Australias Flora and Fauna as well as beautiful Landscape pots. This exhibition will be very different to what you normally see created by Lindsay.

 Refreshing, exciting and unexspected, but all with the style and amazing craftsmanship normally associated with his work.

This free exhibition will open on the 2nd day of Art St Maleny, Saturday 2 September, at the Maleny Art Direct on Maple Street.

Call 0413 855 220 for more information. 

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