Saturday 3 to Sunday 11 September
Business Hours
Howard and Curry Street, Nambour

THE LONG GALLERYSaturday 3 to Sunday 11 September


For 10 days the sidewalks of Nambour will be the venue for The Long Gallery. Local Nambour businesses are welcoming local creative artists into their street-front windows. Take a casual stroll along Currie and Howard Streets (and nip into Mitchell Street) to enjoy artworks by some of the Sunshine Coast’s fabulous upcoming and established artists. The window displays are lit up in the evening so you can enjoy a stroll through the gallery at whenever you wish.

Visit The Long Gallery on Saturday 3rd of September when Colour the Streets will give you the full Horizon Festival in Nambour experience.

Thank you also to The Laundry Room for supporting the Polaroid Pin Up activity. Next Level Promotions is offering artists 20% discount if you wish to create any promotional material during Horizon.

Keep an eye out for lZoe Martin’s installation art project happening in Eumundi – The Iron Cage project, led by community donations - @theironcageproject | #theironcageproject.


  • BUSINESS: Vo’ia Design                                   ARTIST: Greg Adams
  • (89 Currie St.)
  • BUSINESS: The Haircutting Bar                        ARTIST: Alice Trow
  • (4/89 Currie St.)
  • BUSINESS: Endeavour                                        ARTIST: QArt (Janice Rowlinson)
  • (2/91 Currie St)
  • BUSINESS: The Time Machine                            ARTIST: Benjamin Paskins
  • (101 Currie St)
  • BUSINESS: Carolans First National                    ARTIST: Denise Daffara & Zoe Martin
  • (115-117 Currie St)
  • BUSINESS: O’ My Giddy Aunt                               ARTIST: Ruby Saffron
  • (Currie St.)
  • BUSINESS: The French Touch                               ARTIST: Deann Cumner
  • (Shop 1, cnr Currie & Howard)
  • BUSINESS: ReMax                                                   ARTIST: St John’s College Nambour
  • (cnr Currie & Howard)
  •  BUSINESS: Lea’s Men’s Hairstylist                        ARTIST: Lea Van Dijk
  • (Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Drop Shop                                               ARTIST: Brian Tisdall
  • (Shop 3, 7 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Next Level Promotions                           ARTIST: Brian Tisdall
  • (Shop 4, 7 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Roar Nutrition                                          ARTIST: Victoria Fitzpatrick
  • (15 Howard St)
  • BUSINESS: Epic Assist                                                ARTIST: deShan
  • (3/16 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Howard Street Hair Studio                       ARTIST: Cathryn Cogill
  • (21 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Vinnies                                                        ARTIST: june McCotter & DREADS
  • (22 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Backbeat Records                                      ARTIST: Lana Ritchie
  • (29A Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Level Up Lounge                                         ARTIST: Rosie Doolan & Eiliya Hutsby
  • (29B Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Helping Children Smile Op Shop               ARTIST: Kassy Abriola
  • (33 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Aussie Blue Koala Cottage                ARTISTs: Chrissy Tickell & family
  • (34 Howard St.)                                                         Ian Cardwell (Shed Four
  •                                                                                   Kahren Wentworth (Liquid Crystal Australia)
  • BUSINESS: Fitzpatrick Optometrists                        ARTIST:Paula Higgins
  • (40 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Absolute Vision                                       ARTIST: Mieke De Deyne & Cheri Heaton
  • (40 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Sunshine Coast Radiology                     ARTIST: Rob McDonald
  • (42 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Jungles Hair Design                                ARTIST: Mieke Salna
  • (47 Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Busy at work                                            ARTIST: Rhonda Pullen
  • (Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Deli on Howard                                         ARTIST: Cintra Hooper
  • (Howard St.)
  • BUSINESS: Brown Sugar                                               Tbc
  • (Shop 6, 2-4 Mitchell St.)
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