Patterns in the Landscape - First Bay

Manning Daly Art will create patterns in the sand with designs inspired by our local plant species, enhancing our spectacular Sunshine Coast beaches throughout the festival. These large scale creations are drawn directly onto the sand only to be washed away with the tide. The ephemeral nature of the art is a reminder of the transience of our valuable landscape.

There will be three exhibitions held across three different locations during the festival; Kings Beach, Mooloolaba Beach and First Bay.

Manning Daly is a creative and collaborative partnership seeking to extend the imaginative scope and significance of art in public spaces. Glen Manning and Kathy Daly’s art practice focuses on the importance of how the built and natural landscape creates a sense of place for communities and visitors to that environment. This includes concepts of human experience within the landscape, history of the location and the transformation of a place through the passage of time. Working with new technologies and traditional methodologies underpins their art practice, exploring experiences that relate to the dialogue between the art, the viewer and the space.

Abstract design elements within the space form a relationship with the viewer through conceptual approach, composition and presentation activating each location. With an emphasis on the creative interface between art and place, Manning Daly aim to communicate the richness and depth of stories that connect communities with public spaces. 


Program details

Dates & Times Location
Friday 25 August: 2pm - 6pm Kings Beach (dependent on tides)
Wednesday 30 August: 6am - 10am Mooloolaba Beach (dependent on tides)
Sunday 3 September: 10am - 2pm First Bay - just south of point perry (dependent on tides)


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