Talking Art

A series of stimulating illustrated talks, as part of Art St Maleny, will provide insights into different art genres by Dr. Andrew Wallace. These have an intellectual orientation but are not ‘heavy’ and are illustrated with interesting examples. 

Food in Art - Saturday 2 September - 12:30pm - 1pm:

This talk is titled ‘Food in Art’.  Elsewhere in the festival you will encounter ‘food as art'.  

It will look at how and why food has often been included in works of art over the centuries. Obviously both art and food are among life’s great pleasures and we are perhaps ‘hard-wired’ to find still life images of luscious foods appealing. However, the way we prepare and consume food is culturally regulated in very specific ways, so art works involving food or eating reveal a lot about the societies that produce them. From Old Masters to the social comment of contemporary photographers like Martin Parr, there is much food for thought in this topic.


Cartoons: Writing in Images - Saturday 2 September - 4pm - 4:30pm:

The second of three short talks by Dr Andrew Wallace. 
‘Cartoons:  Writing in Images’.  The cartoon as we know it is an intriguing, paradoxical and overlooked art form that developed with the emergence of newspapers, and may suffer from their decline. The focus is on editorial cartoons.

Recently a Bill Leak cartoon provoked a furore. Cartoons are perhaps the most visually simple and ephemeral of all the graphic arts, yet they pack a punch - they can be loaded with complex conceptual meaning. How do cartoonists do it?  The talk looks at their techniques and shows what cartoons have in common with the genres of drama and literature.  


The Resurgence of Street Photography - Sunday 3 September- 12:30pm - 1pm:

The third of three short talks by Dr Andrew Wallace.  
‘The Resurgence of Street Photography’.  When photography arrived two centuries ago it was put to work as ‘fine art’, producing portraits, landscapes and still lifes.  It was also used to record important events and document the world with aesthetics often being secondary.  

Somewhere in between emerged a genre with characteristics of both. These were images of mundane and even trivial subjects - mostly of people in public places going about their lives - that achieved aesthetic force by having some moment speak for itself and surprise us into new insights.

The mid-twentieth century was the great age of street photography (e.g. Cartier-Bresson, Friedlander, Winogrand) but in recent decades there has been a new wave of interest all around the world in this kind of photographic art.

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