Yoga & Creativity

Yoga and creativity is a workshop within Horizon Underground developed to explore how breath, body and mind practice can help unblock inhibiting thought processes, physical distractions and enhance flow of creative energy.

When we connect in a really conscious way, starting with our breath and exploring physicality, as well as meditative and relaxation techniques, we learn to allow external distractions to diminish and develop a potentially more rewarding focus to bring to our chosen creative outlets.

All levels are welcome. Beginners Yoga is an opportunity for everyone who has ever thought they would love to try yoga, but have felt they are not ready or not suitable – too old, too young, not flexible etc.

An open discussion will be incorporated with Q & A time and a gentle introduction to the wonderful tradition of Yoga. 

Yoga & Creativity: 9am - 11am, Sunday 27 August, Nambour Community Centre

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Beginners Yoga: 11:30am - 1pm, Sunday 27 August, Nambour Community Centre

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Yoga instructor, Jinet Travers has 35 years experience as a yoga and dance student, teaching both for well over 25 of those years. She has worked with a diverse range of styles and a broad cross section of the community. 


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